Monday, 28 November 2011

Animals that take care of their young

Animals teach their young many things, from how to fly to how to find food. They are taught through sounds and touch. Animals take care of their young from being eaten or destroyed by their enemies. This will ensure the survival of their species.

Here are some examples of animals that take care of their young.

1) monkey

Monkeys clean, fed and protects their cubs from harm.

2) bat

Bats care for their young like most birds do, by bringing food back to their nests to feed them. The thing that is different about bats, is that sometimes they have "babysitters", who watch a few nests at once.

3) cow

The mother cow will feed their young calf immediately after gives birth.

4) dolphin
How Do Dolphins Take Care of Their Young?thumbnail
The baby dolphin stay close to their mother up to five years.

5) dugong

The dugong mother will keep their baby stay close to her.

6) kangoroo

Kangaroos carry their joeys in their pouches since birth. They nurse their joeys with milk. Joeys will be safe and warm in the pouch until they are too big to fit into the pouch. 

7) dog

The mothers keeps their puppy safe and feed them everyday. She will teach their puppy walk, play and where to potty.

8) deer

The mother deer will nurse the fawn until it can eat solid food, when the fawn is about one month old, the mother deer will show the fawn where to get food, water and teach them what to fear.

9) tiger

A tiger mother will take care of her cubs until they are six to eight weeks old. Attacking the enemies is a way the mother tries to protect its cubs.

10) snakehead

Male snakeheads keep their young in their mouth to protect them.

11) elephant

Elephants stay in their herds to protect their cubs.

12) bird

Birds feed their young until the young can fly out of the nest to find their own food.

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