Thursday, 1 December 2011

Food web

A food web consists of two or more food chains linked together. Also, a food chain represents a series of events in which food and energy are transferred from one organism in an ecosystem to another.

In any ecosystem, many food chains overlap. Several consumers may eat the same kind of plant or animal for food. When this happen, the food chain forms a food web. A food web shows how food chains are related within an ecosystem.

Below are an examples of food web.

The five possible food chains in the habitat are :

1) grass ---- > mouse ---- > snake ---- > hawk

2) grass ---- > mouse ---- > hawk

3) grass ---- > rabbit ---- > hawk

4) grass ---- > grasshopper ---- > hawk

5) grass ---- > grasshopper ---- > lizard ---- > hawk

Each organism has a role in a food web. If there is a change in the population of a certain species, then the population of other species connected to it will also be affected.


How many food chains are there in the food webs?

Food web 1:

Food web 2:

Food web 3:

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