Sunday, 27 November 2011

Animals that take care of their eggs

Animals reproduce to make sure their species continue to exist. However, being able to reproduce is not enough. Animals have to take care of their eggs and young.

Pupils do you know what animals that take care of their eggs? These are examples of animals that take care of their eggs.

1) snake

A mother snake will find a warm, safe and protected area for her eggs. The area between the
roots of a bush is a perfect place for snakes to lay their eggs. The mother will stay for the hatchlings until the baby snake leave.

4) penguin

The males take care of the egg in a special pouch located near the feet. 

5) duck

The parents will take turn to take care of the nest.

6) platypus

Platypus are one of two types of mammals which lay eggs. The mother platypus curls her body around the eggs to incubate them around ten days. After hatching, the mother platypus feeds her young on milk secreted from glands.

7) crocodile

The mother crocodile bury their eggs in warm and moist sand. They will hang around until the eggs hatch, guarding the nest and when they hear the babies squeaking, they go back to the nest and carry their young to the water in their mouth.

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